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Since 1943, Zucchiatti Elettromeccanica
We design

Transformers, Reactances , Inductances, for any requirement related to low voltage applications. Our dedicated software  for design, calculation and 3D simulation allow optimized production steps and detailed simulation of parameters

We realize

.our equipment with artisanal dedication , but keeping in mind the latest technological developments and updates about materials used. We take care of the selection of suppliers and evaluate internal performance in qualitative and quantitative terms . The Company is certified ISO 9001 , while our products , with particular reference to civil and military shipbuilding industry , are constantly tested by bodies such as RINA and LLOYDS .


We propose

..and develop solution with close cooperation with our Customers. Our equipments are studied for optimal performances upon customers required parameters. We do are strongly oriented to "custom design" which allow us to offer, other than standard production, optimal solutions for specific needs.



Zucchiatti Bruno Elettromeccanica
via Sampariva, 4 - Budoia - 33070 (PN)
Tel +39 0434 573335 - Fax +39 0434 511755